- s-0uless:

Yoo u have me blocked on Instagram for some reason we used to follow eAchother then I stopped using that account and when I started using it again u had me blocked ): my user is @clairexlizabeth

idk if someone has my info but I havent blocked anyone ;-; you’re not the first person to say that either >.>

Until our hearts catch fire

- oorique:

Have you been to Cali-forn-I-a?

YES thats where my first suicide girls photoshoot took place ♡ I absolutely must go back, anyone need a roommate?

- lanerieder:

I think I wuv u ??? ❤️❤️❤️


- chipotleaf:

Hello princess :) how are you?

hi darlin’! Im getting all packed up for tomorrow world ♡

- adrieaddiction:

You're gorgeous :3

aw shucks (“:

- learnandsettleforless:

what's the pill you posted earlier?

im cleaning all the things

so my friend gave me an adderal bc my apartment is a fuckin mess and he said it’ll help me focus on cleaning, will I indefinitely get shit done if I take it?